Thursday, November 19, 2009

What do I hate in Honduras?

I hate the following things that are a reality in Honduras:
1) Poverty
2) Inequality and discrimination of any kind
3) Vulnerability
4) Poor or no access to health, food security and education
5) Corruption and abuse of power
6) Mismanagement
7) Nepotism, authoritarianism, and dictatorships (including those who want to perpetuate themselves in power)
8) Lack of a long term vision, mission, goals and objectives
9)  Lack of entrepreneurship
10) Demagoguery...especially those who promised heaven on earth and did so many things without thinking about the consequences of their acts.


  1. I assume no. 3 includes crime and insecurity and that no. 8 includes no urban planning/zoning.

    To your list I would include apathy towards Honduras' rich cultural traditions including its patrimony. Instead of protecting its cultural heritage and building on its rich foundation, Hondurans only want to import the worst of America's culture. Instead of protecting its patriomony (once lost, it can never be replaced), Honduras is allowing the colonial center of Tegucigalpa to decay and crumble apart. At the same time, the worst of America is on full display in all of the franchises, billboards, etc on Blvds F. Morazan and Juan Pablo.

  2. Yes, #3 does include crime and insecurity, but generally the fact that most Honduran citizens are almost defenseless against threats of different nature (be it hurricanes, floods, crime, drought, politicians...). Your suggestion on urban planning/zoning is quite interesting and perhaps can be summarize on the lack of generalized planning, laws and regulations including their respect or something like this.

    BTW, one of the last persons who did consider long term planning/zoning in Tegucigalpa was former Mayor Henry Merriam in the 1970s, although sometimes it is a matter of respecting existing planning/zoning laws