Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lula and Ortega can go to h**?~

Both Lula and Ortega have expressed that the conditions are not there for them to recognize the government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa as the lawful authority in Honduras. They also declared that the coup-d-etat that removed Zelaya from office is an open wound that can only be healed with Zelaya's return. See the report in La Prensa

These gentlemen do not seem to acknowledge the fact that the majority of Hondurans voted for Porfirio Lobo or the other three candidates, in a free election where all the preparatory process leading to the election had been completed under Zelaya's administration. We have chosen and we chose Lobo as our legitimate President. If you cannot disassociate whatever happen on June 28 with the elections on November 27, then you better review your own national histories until it permeates your little minds. Both Brazil and Nicaragua (as well as Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia) have emerged from violent removals of elected Presidents through elections organized by the offending party...the military in this case.

In our case, the military were periferal to the elections, the National Electoral Tribunal conducted the elections, which we cannot repeat enough, had been completed except for the final voting process.

So, Mr. da Silva and Mr. Ortega, if you cannot accept that Lobo is our lawfully elected can literally go to he***...pardon for the expletive but we are reaching  the no return point. President Lobo has to understand that the more he keeps trying to please these people, the more they will be asking from our country. Lets work on those bilateral relations that are working and then calmly wait for the change in government that will come very soon in all of the ALBA countries.