Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reason 8 Why Manuel Zelaya must not be allowed in power

Zelaya will be a "sitting duck president",a completely ineffective president that will accomplish nothing and do nothing to improve Honduras. This fact is not only due to the natural presidential evolution at the end of a presidential mandate, but because Zelaya has at least two arrest orders
 and an administrative inquiry for corruption charges. Furthermore, most members of his cabinet have similar accusations and arrest orders. Allowing him to return to power will paralize even more our public sector and agonic economy.


  1. Heheheh! I think that you might mean the expression "lame duck president" but considering all the charges against him "sitting duck" (target) might fit Zelaya just as well. ;-)

  2. You are right...where in the world did I get the sitting duck part....but sitting duck as in target works fine with me!!!!

  3. A Freudian slip? It's funny, though. Don't change it. ;-D