Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tres articulos acerca de lo que pasa en Honduras

Three articles submitted to me by a friend about what is happening in Honduras.  Tres articulos que me fueron enviados por una amiga acerca de lo que esta pasando en Honduras.

The Law Library of Congress Report about the Legality of Zelaya's Removal

The LLC [Law Library of Congress] opinion may be inconvenient to Zelaya supporters, but it is based on facts. For the Obama administration to insist otherwise is inexplicable. Zelaya, a corrupt and feckless autocrat who was allied with Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, and other self-professed enemies of the United States, was lawfully removed from office by a unanimous decision of the Honduran supreme court.

Brazil Violates the Vienna Convention in Honduras

The violation consists in giving arbitrary refuge in its diplomatic mission in Tegucigalpa to deposed President Manuel Zelaya, especially because he is inciting, from the roof of the building, microphone in hand, those who have burned automobiles and looted stores in the Honduran capital.

Understanding The Mess In Honduras

The irony and tragedy for Latin democracies is that the Hondurans have shown it is possible to remove a leader with Chavista aspirations by legal, democratic means. But the Latin fear of setting a precedent by approving any apparent "coup" has enabled the Chavistas--shouting "democracy" and "rule of law"--to cynically fool or intimidate the world. Support for this lie by moderates sets the stage for future political manipulations that will directly affect some of their countries. The chickens will come home to roost.