Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quien miente...el TSC, Mel, o el Gabinete de Mel?

El Tribunal Supremo de Cuentas (TSC http://www.tsc.gob.hn/ ) denuncio a la opinion publica nacional que no saben en que se usaron 98 millones de dolares donados por el pueblo de Venezuela para el Comite Permanente de Contingencias (COPECO) durante la administración Zelaya. El propósito original de estos fondos era atender contingencias relacionadas con  el clima incluyendo inundaciones y lluvias. Otros 2 millones de dolares, el TSC tiene una idea en que se uso, pero parece que son usos reparables, es decir, sospechosos.

Responde el Ex-Presidente Zelaya que nunca hubieron 100 millones dolares donados por Venezuela al COPECO, mas bien eran "solamente 2 millones de dolares" del ALBA http://www.latribuna.hn/web2.0/?p=173033

El Gabinete de Mel Zelaya emitió un comunicado culpando al gobierno de transición de Micheletti por el uso de los 98 millones de dolares. http://www.hondudiario.com/l/content/gabinete-de-zelaya-responsabiliza-micheletti-de-haber-utilizado-los-98-millones

Entonces...compatriotas...quien de estos tres miente. El Gabinete de Mel contradice a Mel Zelaya....y en cierta forma confirma al TSC....ustedes juzguen....

Farewell to My Dear Teacher, Miss Castillo Potts

Today at 6;15 am, Gloria Suyapa Castillo Torres - Potts, lost a long and courageous fight with breast cancer. Suyapa passed away at the Bethesda Naval Hospital surrounded in presence and spirit by her two daughters, Gloriss and Marissa,her husband Howard Potts, family, friends and former students.

Those of us who knew Suyapa -or Miss Castillo to those like me who where her students in the American Academy in San Pedro Sula way back when- met her as family, caring person, artist, writer, group organizer, and an overall good person who was a tireless fighter for many causes.

Suyapa literally touched hundreds of lives through instruction as a teacher, was a presence in written and online newspapers and other communication media.During her life Suyapa fought many demons, received many blessings and lived a life with many miracles.

We will miss you Miss Castillo - La Guerrera de Junco/Dama de los Girasoles/La Cubana de Corazon/La mujer de la sonrisa y los ojos verdes- we will surely celebrate your life as we are the inheritance you left in this world. Peace and our heartfelt condolences to Gloriss, Marissa, Howard Potts, and the rest of the Castillo Torres and related families.

98 million reasons why Zelaya has to pay for its crimes

The Supreme Accounts Tribunal (Tribunal Supremo de Cuentas) revealed yesterday that out of the 100 million US$ donated by Venezuela for COPECO (Comite Permanente de Contingencias), they do not have a clue on what 98 million US$ were spent by Zelayas's administration. There is simply no record of where did all the the money go, for what and for whom. In fact, they can only account for US$ 2 million, most of it spent on transactions of a dubious nature.

To add to the long list of crimes, a very expensive Lexus SUV bought without any bidding process by the Presidential Office during Zelaya's time was also missing even before Zelaya was removed from office.

So, people still want for Zelaya to return to return to Honduras without facing the law and thus not explain what happened with all the money that is missing from his administration? I am flabbergasted about this...

The tragedy is that the purpose of the US$ 100 million donated by the people of Venezuela (stealing from Zelaya's puppet master? If I were Chavez I would asking Zelaya about the money) was to strengthen the response to rain, flooding and other weather related emergencies. Now, we have to date, at least 32 persons dead and countless damage due to rain and flooding.

We demand from President Lobo not to lower his head to the OEA and Insulza, who are conditioning Honduras return to that decrepit organization on the unconditional return of Zelaya. No more...no more...impunity Mr. President. Zelaya has to return and face justice. It was a big mistake letting him go without enduring justice...now please do not make this mistake worse, by compromising even further our national dignity and honor by disrespecting the law and the Constitution even more.