Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gods are not completely crazy....

As I developed in an old post in this blog...the so called "Resistencia" is a conglomerate of individuals with quite different interests and political aspirations. We can also partition the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP) into organizations and somewhat loose groups that have their own agendas and interests. If we do this then we can see how fragile the FNRP is at this point in time, in the sense that it can disintegrate quite easily pending on individual and organization actions.

The later is the main reason for naming Mr. Zelaya as the "Coordinator" of the "Resistencia". Mr. Zelaya is just a platform for the Resistencia to build a stronger and cohesive group that may become politically dominant and/or who may become part of the political process through the establishment of a formal political party, pretty much as the FMLN did in El Salvador. Alternatively, the Resistencia may become a strong political pressure group that is able to manipulate political forces and dynamics in the country enough to force what Zelaya and his henchmen could not do...the destruction of democracy and the Republic.

Zelaya is also a platform for the current leaders of the Liberal Party. A platform to stop the hemorrhage that its ranks are suffering now. People disenchanted with the actions of their party, or who do not agree with the Neanderthal policies that the leaders of the Liberal parties continue to enforce to keep themselves in power- or their sons or daughters especially in the Liberal Party- at all costs. The leaders of the Liberal Party are afraid that if the Resistencia abandons their party for good, that they will lose the next elections to the National Party as that reduces the number of votes the Liberal party is capable of mustering in the next elections.

What will Zelaya do? This is another entry into the blog....speculating on his actions will be interesting.

Maybe then the Gods are not that crazy...we just need to find the method to the madness...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Gods Must Be Crazy

- Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua and Manuel Zelaya, ex-president of Honduras are pushing to name Ms. Patricia Rodas Baca as Honduran Ambassador to Nicaragua, as a pre-condition for Nicaragua to recognize the new Honduran Government. Ms. Rodas used to be the Foreign Minister under the Zelaya administration, who has repeatedly indicated that she does not believe in democracy or our constitution.  Click here to see the video of Ms Rodas Baca's tirades during the 30th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Managua


- A commission from the central executive body of the Liberal Party, including the father of the former candidate Elvin Santos, will travel to Dominican Republic, to ask ex-president to join back the party and create his own political group within the liberal party. 
 - Meanwhile, former president Zelaya demanded that the Liberal Party expels Mr. Micheletti from its ranks and the punishment of the intelectual and actual criminals, who according to Zelaya, killed 166 persons during the "golpe de estado" and "de facto government".

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Incestous relations and the "silk stocking" revolutionaries

My...oh my...guess who came to dinner at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers for the 4th of July celebrations at the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa? Need a hint...those who have repeatedly derided the US and who have accused it of organizing the so called "golpe de estado" that removed Ex-president Zelaya from office.

Here is a photograph from those libations to the US...The list includes such leaders of the "Resistencia" and/or Supporters of Manuel Zelaya Rosales as Marlon Breve, Rodil Rivera Rodil, Edmundo Orellana, Victor Meza, Aristides (Tito) Mejia, Milton Jimenez Puerto, Enrique Flores Lanza, and interestingly enough Hector Zelaya, one of Manuel Zelaya Rosales son's. The later by the way and according to some reports, only wanted to be photographed with the US Ambassador.

This group of people are just folks who have been extremely able in manipulating the system and who adopted the "revolutionary" disguise to achieve their personal advancement. These are not the true "Resistencia" leaders, these are just opportunistic fellows. By the way, the other imputed leaders of the "Resistencia" will probably show up in another countries' independence and donor celebrations...sometime in July perhaps..

I respect those people who are true believers in the "Resistencia" in the sense that they want an improvement in the life of those who are poor and forgotten in my country. I do not agree with their policies and recommendations to solve them, when one can hear such policies as mostly people revert to generalities which do not tell us much about what they propose. I cannot have one iota of respect for these people seated around the table with Ambassador Llorens.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family issues and existencial crisis...

After enduring a bit of family issue that demanded my attention and an existential crisis of sorts...I am back again writing in this blog. Let me explain the later. After the legal removal of Manuel Zelaya, the troubles my country went through, the un-wanted and un-needed intervention in our affairs, and the division and hatred lefts as the inheritance of the Napoleon-to-be, I thought that perhaps we had a chance...a paradigm shifting break in our history that would force the current government to at least give it a try at a free, democratic, independent and self reliant country.

A country whose internal and external policies are in agreement, and whose sole guiding principle is indeed the benefit of Honduras and its citizens. A country who does not bow to anybody and anyone, and who will do what its best for itself. A country whose models are Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, and the USA...definitively not Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua...

I do not want a country who is seeking to please everybody and everyone including those that seek to destroy the Republic as it stands, or one that only wants to kill dissension, debate, differences of opinion, or anything that do not comply with the "Revolution"or the Party's designs.

I did not expect much from the current government, in fact, as I have repeatedly written in this blog, I want this government to succeed in pulling us out of the economic and political crisis, even just enough to get us to the next election, where we may have a better chance to start trying different things, including moving away from the traditional parties and their anachronistic (and often corrupt) governance policies.
I am growing increasingly disappointed, as I do not see the flash of change that would ensure a change. I only see more of the same. Thus my existential crisis...why and for whom am I writing for in this blog. I guess I was forgetting the lessons of history where countries are not made in one day and thus the struggle has to go on...

So, I will continue writing my opinions with the hope that at least one person may stop and find these writings useful or interesting for further discussion.