Friday, May 7, 2010

Reconciliation and building up a new Honduras

We have to separate two related yet separate issues: internal reconciliation and establishing a new Honduras. Yes, part of establishing a new Honduras requires building up the internal reconciliation between those groups in Honduras who were so blatantly distanced -even further- by the rhetoric and politics of Mr. Zelaya Rosales. Reconciliation is needed to put us back in the track of working together to find internal solutions to our problems. Mr. Zelaya Rosales managed to polarize the nation to a level not seen before hand.

Mr. Ramon Custodio, the National Human Rights Commissioner, described this clearly, by indicating that "Hondurans did not elect a president only for achieving reconciliation, the new president was elected to govern well the country. Good governance includes reconciliation, but is not the only important aspect." See a report in HonduDiario (Too see article please click here).

We have also to evaluate and clearly define our foreign policy vis-a-vis our own national identity. We cannot allow any more intervention in our national affairs. No more Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua or Brazil governments telling us what to do, nor the US or the European Union for that matter. We need to grasp the idea that we need to evolve as a nation alone...and alone only...


  1. I wish you were president.


    Those are the concerns of the Hondurans I know. And those were the concerns of Hondurans before June 28.

  2. And those will continue to be the concerns of 99% of all Hondurans for a long time...There is nothing magical about how people have taken their destiny in their own hands, implies hard work and sacrifice over the long run to build a nation. Only takes the big step of deciding that what we have is clearly unacceptable. Note that we have had two traumatic events in recent years..Hurricane Mitch and Hurricane Zelaya...Hopefully we will not let these opportunities to take the big step forward again... I am still confident we can do it...

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

  4. Agree with LG. So.... When is Lobo going to turn his attention in serious way to these Honduran concerns? I think they're much more important than jerks like Correa and Chavez...