Sunday, May 2, 2010

More on Malawi after May 1st

Today I visited Lake Malawi (a.k.a. Lake Nyasa). A wonderful place to visit as a tourist. Amazing that this lake occupies roughly 1/5 to 1/4 the total area of Malawi. Being Malawi a bit bigger than Honduras, the country is quite densely populated as it has 13.9 million persons living here. That time at Lake Malawi was a time to reflect and to understand that we have to fight for freedom, democracy, liberty and justice. We cannot allow the spirits of obscurity take away those preciously gained freedoms, especially those gained after returning to constitutional democracy.

The groups who hijacked the marches of May 1st to promote their agenda of a "Constituyente" have been quite mysterious about their proposals to modify the Honduras constitution. At no point have I've seen any formal document indicating what changes they are proposing nor why. When asked their standard reply to the question what part of the constitution is causing poverty and injustice in Honduras is basically: "all of it". Why do you need a "Constituyente"? Response always is -like little robots- because it is not possible to change th constitution. That is a patently and absurd lie, but people feed on that fodder.

The conditions under which Manuel Zelaya was going to hijack the country in a Chavez style self coup, are unfortunately, still there. The well-oiled Chavista machinery is still running financing those forces who are a threat to our democracy. DO NOT be fooled by thinking that because Mel Zelaya was defeated in his attempts to perpetuate himself and his cronies in power, that the movement was also defeated. The movemnet has simply gone more sophisticated in its approach. They finally learned the lesson from the FMLN and the Sandinistas that power cannot be taken and held through the power of arms. They have infiltrated the unions and have hijacked those organizations. When they become strong enough they will either take over the Liberal party or create one of their own.

Our fight for democracy and freedom is not over nor will it ever be. We have to fight with the pen, the keyboard and our ingenuity (thanks Cesar Indiano for those poetic words who really resonated in my soul). We need to take our place in history by defending our history, one of suffering and struggle, but one that I believe will be later known of that of a proud and independent nation.

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