Friday, May 7, 2010

Enough is enough....

Dear President Lobo,

Here I echo one of my favorite columnist, Mrs. Gloria Leticia Pineda (see her article in today's La Prensa please do a click here) in her pleas for you to stop trying pleasing the international community and thus sacrificing what we did gain during the six months of the interim government. Just look at how the governments of countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Nicaragua have reacted with regard to your potential participation in the EU Latin American Conference in Spain. Of course Spain has no shame either as its current government is cow-towing to the ALBA block by being wishy-washy in their support to your duly democratically elected government, probably protecting their interests and investments in those (ALBA) countries.

Never mind that all of these countries have undergone "coup-d'etats" of their own and have returned to democratic governments after their illegal governments organized elections. Shame on them for not recognizing your government and our free and democratic will  as a nation.

I will go further  and actually suggest that if a country, does not recognize your government and who is trying to interfere further in our national affairs, you invite it to withdraw its representation in Honduras until they are willing to treat us with respect as an equal nation. This is not a hysteric reaction, it is actually a quite calculated and transparent approach to foreign policy that will be enforced effective immediately. In turn, I would suggest that you do continue opening new opportunities with countries that are willing to recognize us as an independent nation, and to strengthen those existing ties with countries who have moved forward. Spain does represent a different issue, as there are a large number of people living and working in Spain.

Note that we are talking about, going after our destiny by ourselves even if we have to in the near future. We do not need the recognition of other countries if we move on on our own. Yes, it will be difficult for several years, but remember we elected you to become the leader that will steer our country Honduras to its destiny: a free, democratic, independent and fair country. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

We are behind you as a country and are wiling to support you to the best of our abilities. Please do not disappoint or fail in your mission.

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