Monday, November 23, 2009

On a serious note...on the current state of mental health of Mr. Zelaya

Back to serious things after my last "irreverent" note...

A couple of Honduran psychiatrists are already raising the issue of the current state of mental health of Zelaya after spending two months isolated in the Brazilian Embassy. Dr. Javier Ucles indicates that "Removed President Manuel Zelaya would be suffering depresion and anxiety symptoms after spending almost 60 days in the Brazilian Embassy, according to the analysis made by the experts in human behavior" Moreover these experts indicate that "Mr. Zelaya after regaining his freedom may suffer a mental descompensation"

This is indeed something to worry about, as there are some groups in Honduras that still want his back as President. The main question then would be: Will Zelaya be fit to be President? This of course apart from all the legal and ethical questions and formal accusations he will face if he returns.


  1. ...I think the doc meant "mental decompression"...

  2. I think you probably are right, the word used by Dr. Ucles in Spanish was "descompensacion".