Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We do need to move on

As you can see from my last posting, I think we need to move on with our lives. After the elections on November 29 I will start tapering down my discussions related to Manuel Zelaya and his collaborators. I want to start focusing on presenting analysis of our situation and proposing/discussing ideas that can be uptaken by the new constitutional government that will take power in January of 2010.

As I have indicated before my only unconditional support is for a free, democratic and sovereign Honduras. To accomplish this vision we do need to address our multiple problems and those things I have indicated I know are limiting us as a country. Finding intelligent proposals to improve our competitiveness, productivity, and which will create opportunities for everybody in Honduras will be a major challenge. Focusing on the poorest of the poor with safety nets and food assurance and other intervention programs will indeed be part of this multi-lateral and comprehensive national approach.


  1. Hi, Jose, I agree, as you know, with your concerns for the future of Honduras, and the need to deal its chronic poverty problem. It appears that Pepe Lobo is the odds-on favorite to win tomorrow. In that light, what have you heard about his concerns regarding this problem?

  2. Unfortunately very little. Except for vague statements here and there, its not clear to me what Pepe Lobo is proposing for anything. If you to the "Partido Nacional" web site and click on "Government Plan Proposals" there is nothing there. Same thing for the other candidates. Well, this is the old style of doing politics in Honduras. This will have to change for the next elections.