Friday, November 27, 2009

Voting is a citizen's duty

Dona Gloria Leticia Pineda de Lazarus writes -and reminds us- in Diario La Prensa (click here to see article) that voting is the duty of all Honduran citizens as mandated in Article 40 of our Constitution.  It is evident that there is certain displeasure between some potential voters because they do not see that candidates present - or represent solutions to their problems. Here I agree very much with this position.

Here we must invest time and effort starting today so that in following elections candidates are elected in transparent manner, that candidates submit political platforms and proposals before primary elections, more debates between presidential candidates, push for more pluralism and political options including more independent candidates, in short, that we manage to transform the electoral and political process in Honduras. This implies  that the traditional and minority political parties will need to be transformed into modern political parties. No more clicks or dynasties, not more "baby dinosaurs" and arbitrarily appointed candidates… no more.

Everything begins with the vote next Sunday November 29th. We must send the message to present candidates that we are observing them and that we will not tolerate any deviation from their mission which is to administer the country the right way, which is in an transparent, equitable and honest manner. Each slip will be  reported, each  trick will be denounced, each wrong policy or procedure will be analyzed and criticized… this is how we improve our country.

Compatriots, if none of the candidates seem attractive to you, it is a pity really that Mr. Carlos H. Reyes decided not to participate as an independent candidate as it can be used as an excuse for "not being included", then as Mrs. Gloria Leticia Pineda de Lazarus writes, “vote blank or as a last option vote null, but vote and thus leave a footprint of your opinion.”.

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