Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Honduras Enemies

From the pen of the Dr. Villeda Bermudez, published in the newspaper "La Tribuna" of today. Please note, especially, the negative commentaries of the article. Lots of attacks ad hominem, emotional arguments, arguments based on mistaken premises or simply without any premise. This friendly request is to the " resistencia", perhaps they can do us slow learners the favor and explain patiently, why they want a Constitutional National Assembly, a complete change of our Constitution, the elimination of the Republic of Honduras, the creation of the Bolivariana Republic of Honduras, why the axis Caracas/Havana are a better option for the country, what are the causes of our under development and poverty and what they suggest we should do to solve these issues, most importantly… why they want ex-president Manuel Zelaya Rosales returning to power. What I would remind them is that I do not want to hear insults, arguments without support or attacks … please…

For the article by Dr. Villeda Bermudez,please make a click here

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