Friday, June 4, 2010

Better a full color one, then a hundred without color

A saying quoted by one of my favorite columnists, Mrs. Gloria Leticia Pineda, is to the point about our need to strongly put our position as Honduras to the world. My translation  is quite bad but could not do better..."mejor un colorado que cien descoloridos"

I agree with many things in Mrs. Gloria Leticia Pineda article in La Prensa of today where she argues that President Lobo should start governing and trust our national capacity to produce and make it as an independent country. Certainly, President Lobo needs to send messages to national and international investors that Zelaya is gone from our life and that the uncertainty introduced by Zelaya and his followers is being addressed through appropriate policies including that of respecting the Constitution, law and order, respect for the separation of powers, and equal protection under the law. This message has to be acted on with concrete steps to create the investment climate.

Please President Lobo do not dismiss our voices who are giving you constructive and well meaning advice. We want you to succeed as we know that your success as President will shape the future of our country for years to come. We want your strong leadership, that will steer the country to prosperity. We do not need, nor want, the future that Mr. Zelaya was promoting, that of a tyrant wannabe, who sought to destroy everything that a free, democratic and independent country, like Honduras, aspires to be as soon as possible.

We cannot ignore the examples of those that support Zelaya, who are blatantly demanding a return to "democracy" in Honduras, but some of them are not even remotely close to one. If anybody can tell me that Cuba and Venezuela are democracies...well I guess there are people out there who are delusional...

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