Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Four very strong opinions regarding President Lobo's administration

My strongest belief is that Honduras needs to move on and become a prosperous nation. This process had to start with the success of the administration that took over after the Zelaya debacle. It really does not matter whether it was Lobo, Santos, Martinez or Avila; who had won the elections, what we needed was a successful administration that would allow us to rebuild and plan for the future riding on the belief and conviction of respecting the Constitution and having (finally) entered the era of law and order in Honduras.

Thus my expressed commitment to the current administration to ensure its success, whomever it where, to succced as the constitutionally appointed president arising from our elections in November 2009. I am however quite puzzled at the current actions from President Lobo, as I am having a great difficulty seeing this administration having the vision and will to move the country forward. Rather I am seeing more of the same vices slowly creeping into the actions and reactions of the Executive and the President himself. I honestly think (desesperately) that I need to be proven wrong in this perception.

Here are four very strong criticisms of the current administrations actions, especially with regard to Mr. Zelaya. These are from Juan Ramon Martinez (article in La Tribuna ), from Gaspar Vallecillo (article in El Heraldo), from Armando Cerrato (Article in La Tribuna), and that of Carlos A. Medina http://www.latribuna.hn/web2.0/?p=138086

Please, Mr. Lobo, although we hope that your actions are part of a strategy that we are completely ignorant for being outside the loop, or that these actions have a purpose, please do not ignore the many voices that are building up. Remember, we cannot sacrifice the Constitution, the separation of power, law and order, trying to obtain short term gains. Let stand strong as we have the moral ground as we respected our constitution.
If we are wrong please prove us wrong...


  1. Anonimo por no ser un tonto.

    El papel del traidor Lobo y su pandilla de traidores no nacionalistas es de desbaratar la obra civica y patriotica del Gobierno Constitucional Interino y promover el regreso de su compadre Zelaya al poder ejecutivo [y todo que esto significarIa]. Entrenado como un buen comunista en la Union Sovietica.

  2. God article... I am a US citizen living in Honduras and I am very concerned.

  3. I think we need to be worried. We are being assaulted by the forces of darkness and our own inability to establish our national identity so that we can say: We are a nation and thus either respect us or you can go and...(BLANK)

    Fill in the blank with your favorite expletive...

    This is not a emotional, irrational, careless response, this reaction is the consequence of a firm and goal oriented internal and external policy. We have seen how it works in countries like Singapore, Israel and Taiwan. We need to learn this lesson.