Thursday, June 3, 2010

One needed political development...power to municipalities

We desperately need true decentralization and power devolution to the true stakeholders in the political process...we the people....

This starts by returning power to the smallest political structure we have in Honduras: the municipalities.

As written in an article by former Minister of the Presidency, Mr. Luis Consenza Jimenez, a person I respect a lot due to his capacity:

"In the end, the courageous action of our country-kin who presented the unconstitutionality lawsuit (against the "Estatuto del Docente") makes me think that not everything is lost. That we can still wake up and demand that justice is done and respect to the Constitution and our Rights, including those of municipalities. If we strengthen our families and municipalities, surely we will later be able to strengthen our national entities."

Well written, Mr. Consenza, well written.

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