Friday, May 21, 2010

One more voice to our request for true independence....

From the pen of Mr. Orlando Henriquez who is requesting that we go alone and survive alone rather than trying to get the blessing from those who want to put their boot on our necks....

The key, my fellow Hondurans, is to take positive steps, proactive steps, so that each of one of us who want a democratic, prosperous, equitable, and forward looking country, says it in a loud voice: We will not tolerate corruption, demagoguery, chicanery, improvisation, stupidity, politicking, and other ills such as those practiced by Mr. Zelaya and his henchmen. NO MORE....we will fight with reason and debate, with data and figures, with our presence and with our writing, with beauty and intelligence, with faith in our capacity to move forward and not let the spirits of the dark, destruction, buffonery, or violence triumph again.

Let's follow the advise of Mr. Juan Ramon Martinez and take proactive and intelligent steps towards our future, not our past.

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