Friday, May 21, 2010

And the list of people who needs to mind their own business continues to grow...

The Secretary General of the International Federation of Human Rights (IFHR),  Luis Guillermo Pérez Casas, indicated that putting General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez as Director of HONDUTEL and the further militarization of other public sector instances is further proof of the continuation of the coup-d-estat in Honduras. Mr. Perez Casas continues to say"while the State is not cleaned out of those who have provided incentives to the constitutional order and while Honduras continues with the severe violations to human rights in the country, it is our duty to continue the political pressure by the international community over Honduras".
Does anybody want any more proof of the well orchestrated and financed campaign against Honduras?. My favorite columnist, Juan Ramon Martinez, wrote it so clear that it gives me the chills, the well planned campaign will go on with a vengeance and in a blood thirsty manner against those who they (The resistencia high command) seem to have propitiated their precipitous fall from power, meaning the National Human Rights Commissioner, Dr. Custodio, General Romero Velasquez, and the Heads of the Supreme Court and Procuraduria General de la Republica. The smear campaign  will grow in intensity as time goes by.

We have to react in a conclusive and energetic manner to the sort of accusations such as the ridiculous statements made by this person Perez Casas. We have to and will denounce again and again the double standard used by this people to judge us in such a biased and loopsided manner, where the constitutional and common criminal crimes of Mr. Zelaya and his cabinet do not seem to matter and where they conveniently forget that unity means participation by all, not only the chosen ones or those that support their own purposes.

We need to tell the world again and again:

We will not lower our head anymore. If you want to accept us, do so, but we will not seek nor tolerate any more acceptance with conditions nor we will accept any more interference in our own internal affairs. If you do not accept these terms, you are free to withdraw your diplomatic representation from our country and return whenever you are willing to respect us as equals. Anything less will not be acceptable. Finally, we will not seek the blessing of any country, organization or the international community to conduct our affairs, laws, policies and government. We will join any organization that will benefit us in the long run and we will establish relations with any government who benefits us in the long run. Same with dropping any type of relation with any country who does not respect us.

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  1. Very well said Jose.
    -Gene Ball