Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mr. President we have to learn to survive on our own

Mr. President Lobo, before we develop a foreign policy we need to understand our national soul and identity and to define what we want to achieve ourselves as a country. In other words, we need to ensure that whatever we do is for the benefit of Honduras first and then we can start thinking about international understanding, cooperation and acceptance. Making echo of the National Human Rights Commissioner, Mr. Ramon Custodio (To see article, please click here), we have to be learn being pragmatic in our relations with other countries or regional organizations.

We have to define clearly why we are participating, what is our mission/purpose/goals/objectives, and what is the roadmap we will follow to ensure we benefit as a country from foreign relations. Lofty ideals may guide ulterior outcomes but only if they benefit us as a country first. Our understanding of our foreign policy and practical relations with other countries has to be crystal clear and well thought before we attempt to move on.

Thus we need to think long and hard about the Central American Parliament, OAS, SICA, and other international/regional integration mechanisms. If something will not bring benefits to the country then we do not participate, period. Interesting noting that Costa Rica does not participate in the Central America Parliament, while Panama has been musing their withdrawal.

We managed to survive the seven months before your taking over, we can survive a bit longer, until we figure out what to do with our neighbors and other foreign relations.

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