Friday, March 5, 2010

From the pen of Juan Ramon Martinez...

From the pen of one of my favorite Honduran analysts, Mr. Juan Ramon Martinez. His article titled "The Latins and their integration organizations" goes to the heart of what I believe we need to do to advance as a country: Take control of our destiny and figure out how to do it alone....No more relying on international charity or the whims of tropical or temperate tyrants.

Once we figure out how to deal with our internal issues, then we figure out our external relations. By the way, my patience with the cry babies who keep on placing the blame of our corruption or under development unto the US or anybody else, is pretty much gone. I still consider the current administration as one of transition to something new, unless I am proven wrong. Our attention should be directed towards the next elections, the future and to pressure whomever to make it happen . If you want to read the full article by Mr. Martinez in Spanish make a click here

The following is my rough translation of the last two paragraphs of Mr. Juan Ramon Martinez article.

"...We do not need the OAS. It does (should) not matter to us whether it exist or not. The June 28 crisis, showed that it is an inefficient and inept bureaucracy, that is incapable of addressing danger signals and to manage problems before they become dangerous fires. But, we also do not need a fantasy organization, created as an hypocrite expression from leaders who in spite of living completely supported by the U.S., want  to convince us, the weakest in the continent, to accompany them into a public relations adventure, that would be even more ineffective than the OAS, where they are the champions fighting against the "American imperialism", which does not serve us, even to define our own identity.

More than the U.S., our problem are the elites who are pushing us in the wrong direction. Instead of studying, Bolivar faults, San Martin, Santander, Sandino or Morazan mistakes, they still remain in the past, as if, time has not passed by. The U.S. is an empire. Should we play one to defeat it? What would we gain if it disappears? Would Chavez occupy Washington's place? Please, do not treat like children. We have to create true nations, first. Nations with a body, not full of air or built upon lies, like many. Empires, later.... "


  1. We (in Honduras and Ecuador, countries closest to my heart) need to define who we are rather than who we're not.

    I've known Juan Ramon for years (since the time, ironically, when he was known as a leftist); good guy, and I'm glad to see him articulating who we can and and should be... Our touchstones need not be the U.S. or Chavez. They could be Bolivar and Morazon, siempre que tratan de principios de honestidad, decencia, etico de trabajo y prosperidad con equidad...

    I hope that Lobo's not just a a transition figure because we really shouldn't waste (or lose, pick your verb) four more years. Democracy has given us another chance with this man, and now le toca a liderar para cambiar a Honduras....

  2. Jose Falck ZepedaMarch 8, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Hi T. I quite agree that we do not have time to spare. I do see this government as one of transition, simply because it was born from the old political system, while at the same time having all the ties and political promises/obligations that have to be repaid. My expectation/aspiration is that we start building a robust political system now, one that does break with the (idea) monopoly held by the two political parties.