Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The new Honduras....It is up to us

Several times I have written in this blog that we want and need a new Honduras. One based in freedom, democracy, independence, social justice and prosperity for all. This new Honduras cannot happen unless WE make it happen. Yes, I do hope that Mr. Pepe Lobo will be the leader that will facilitate this process, but in the end it is up to us to build this new Honduras. No more blaming everybody else for our past failures, rather concentrate on defining our own path. Certainly, we can learn from others on what worked and what didn't, while becoming even more industrious and pursuing excellence as our standard for the future. I cannot write again and again these ideas enough as they are so important.

As Mr. Luis Consenza wrote in Proceso Digital http://www.proceso.hn/zona/0003_cosenza.htm the elections we just witnessed cannot be as a whole criticized or questioned by anybody.Well except for some individuals who just happened to ignore what they saw -and heard- Hondurans voting massively and saying NO again and again to what Mr. Zelaya became after three years in his Presidency and what he more or less imposed unto people. Completely different things than what he proposed as a candidate of the Liberal Party. Well, there are another persons, a certain individual isolated int the Brazilian Embassy whose intelligence reports where telling him that in most voting stations there where 4-5 people voting and another "supporter" flying around the world telling stories of thousands dead in Honduras. No wonder the isolated person was led astray...with intelligence and supporters like that...

Yes, there will be specific problems associated with specific administrative positions and locations in this election, but these are localized and will not influence the overall voting results. By the way, this happens in all elections around the world. Mr. Cosenza's hypothesis that Honduras voters have punished the Liberal Party due to the economic irresponsibility of its governments, is quite intriguing, but certainly does not tell the whole story and will need to be discussed in detail. Mr. Consenza does bring up the division within the Liberal party as the other major factor explaining the overwhelming defeat in this election.

In the end, we do not want to let apathy dull our senses and let government go back to their old ways. As Mr, Gaspar Vallecillo points out in La Prensa today http://www.elheraldo.hn/Ediciones/2009/12/01/Opinion/Psicopatia let us be vigilant a fight the possibility that the egocentrics and psychopaths of the past triumph again. We do need to be vigilant and work diligently with this new government to build Honduras, while at the same time pointing out its failures and transgressions as needed. This done in a positive and constructive manner, not with the traditional party line approach that questioned everything without even a solid justification...just because.

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