Wednesday, November 3, 2010

State University in San Pedro Sula overtaken by a student political front

An article by Diario Tiempo relates how the State University in San Pedro Sula (UNAH-VS) closed down because one of the student political parties (or "student fronts") called Frente Revolucionario Universitario (FRU) decided to close it down. Two points that FRU students mention as the "justification" for closing down the state university in San Pedro Sula: 1) the minimum salary increase given by government and 2) the part-time law government is in the process of approving at this point in time. FRU students claim that their acts are in support of the working class in Honduras. (See article in Diario Tiempo here ). So,  FRU students decided to close down the university in a protest that has  nothing  to do with education or the university. Furthermore, even if it  had  something remotely to do with the university, it does not matter,  as  this is an illegal act by a student organization.

I thus demand from the University Rector, Ms. Julieta Castellanos, that she investigate who was responsible to call for this action and who were physically implementing such decisions. The intellectual authors should be put in probation and/or expelled, those physical authors should be put in probation.

The message should come from the rector that actions of this type will not be tolerated in the future. Honduran taxpayers are supporting the state university for students to go and learn, not to lose time and/or graduate mediocre professionals that are unable to even sustain an argument without recourse to violence or intimidation.

Actions as those shown in these two photos DURING Zelaya's stay in the Brazilian embassy should not be tolerated at all.

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