Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More than an increase, a war declaration on the working class...the world according to Marvin Ponce

...and the saga of one the prudent and visionary fathers" of the country continues. The Vice-President of the Honduras Congress, Mr. Marvin Ponce in his article published today http://www.latribuna.hn/web2.0/?p=202294 argues that the recently passed increase to the minimum salary is in fact a declaration of war againts the Honduran workers.

Class warfare, oppression by the capitalist burgoise, exploitation of the working class....where have I heard this before? Well, Mr. Ponce in one more irresponsible action is seeking to further divide the country, in essence going beyond the rift caused by Zelaya's actions... rather than thinking how to improve productivity, increase wealth creation by all, to find alternatives for the working class to improve, the only thing that Mr. Ponce can recommend is more of the same...with leaders like these we might as well go back to the 19th century...we are not going forward...

Well, if this character can only recommend property destruction, painting walls, torching vehicles, throwing rocks and other missiles to the opposition, and hitting anybody who disagrees with you, then we are truly going backwards here....

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