Monday, November 8, 2010

The Intolerance of the Resistencia: Now its Monsignore Rodriguez

A protest conducted by the "Frente Nacional de la Resistencia" outside a religious service in Comaguela lead by Monsignore Oscar Andres Rodriguez degenerated into repeated aggressions to the police assigned to protect the Monsignore.

The people of the Resistencia present outside the mass lead by Monsignore Rodriguez threw stones at the car that took Monsignore Rodriguez when Mass was completed. Of course, the well organized event started quite early and was covered by Globo TV and other "Resistencia" communication channels as one more example of the repression and the "rivers of blood" that are flowing in Honduras.

If you want to see what happened the newpaper La Tribuna has a video documenting the events that transpired there A few days before, a bullet pierced on the windows of Monsignore Rodriguez office in Tegucigalpa.

We cannot but condemn these aggressions for a person who has been a major influence in supporting and negotiating debt forgiveness for Honduras, leading the anti-corruption committee, being the worldwide president of Caritas -the catholic debt relief organization, and being an emissary of peace who tried to truly negotiate amongst many parties during the events of June 28 and beyond to avoid a bloodbath. Monsignore Rodriguez position has always been in support of Honduras

If this is what the Resistencia has to offer as an intelligent action of protest then more than ever we need to stand firm in defense of the Republic.

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