Monday, October 25, 2010

Why do we lose our focus so easily?

When the national priorities should be security, food security, health, education, developing entrepreneurship, strengthening the private sector, focusing the public sector only in those activities of a public good nature, climate vulnerability, and corruption...we are discussing the constitution and the appropriateness of an "asamblea nacional constitutyente". When/Why/How did we lose our sense of priority? If the Asamblea Nacional Constitutyente is not a priority, why did the current government raised all sorts of speculations by calling a dialogue to discuss such issue?

Why not call on a dialogue to address criminality and the fact that we have one of the highest murder rates of the world (68 per 100,000 inhabitant according to the National Human Rights Commission, 10 times the world average rate..). I believe most people in Honduras have been touched by common criminality or know somebody who has. In my own (extended) family there have been instances of home invasion, pickpockets, armed robbery, kidnapping, and even murder. If this is not important, what is?

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  1. Yes, it seems there is a definite lack of priorities. The government seems to be doing 100 things poorly instead of taking concrete steps to tackle, say 5 things well.