Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of Mice and Moratinos...

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Kingdom of Spain, Mr. Miguel Angel Moratinos, was let go in an apparent shakedown of the moribund government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Mr. Moratinos was a specially pernicious influence in condemning the constitutional removal of Manuel Zelaya Rosales in Honduras, yet accomplished multiple treaties and protected Spanish interests in those paragons of freedom and democracy such as Equatorial Guinea, Venezuela and Cuba.

Well, maybe the one who should have resigned, may as well have been, Mr. Zapatero, but that is a matter pertaining to the Spaniards themselves. However, echoing the article of Mr. Danilo Arbilla in an article in  La Prensa of today (excuse my poor translation, kind of hard to transfer irony..) "Meanwhile, here in America, it would not be bad to take note of this re-structuring and see if it would not be a good thing to let go of Moratinos clone around here in some international organization defending certain democracies and certain innovative types of democracies without separation of powers and without freedom of the press, right?" If you cannot guess who this is must be an alien... see Mr. Arbilla article here

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