Thursday, October 7, 2010

I need to be educated in "Resistansee"

Dear Members of the Resistencia:

I honestly want to be educated and learn about what you are proposing as the future for our nation. I want you to explicitly tell us why do you want to change our constitution.

Let's then start from the beginning and hopefully I will get somebody who can answer the following questions without getting insulted in the process...although I am quite thick skin and it won't matter if I am called "golpista" or something else.

First, can you explain which articles of the current Constitution are the cause of poverty and under development of our country? I will not accept the answer ALL OF IT is the root  cause of our problems. I want to know the analysis that supports your conclusions that we need an Asamblea Nacional Constituyente to re-write the constitution.

Second, I want to know if you are really proposing the elimination of representative democracy in fvor of the 21st Century socialism model supported by some foreign countries? Is this your position. I want to know if you support democracy and freedom for all, not the chosen few.

Third, I want to know what is the process you are proposing to call for an Asamblea Nacional Constituyente? How will it operate and under what conditions or safeguards? Certainly, seems very reasonable to establish a minimum set of safeguards including that no former president can opt to become president again, that the reforms will begin until the next electoral cycle and presidential mandate, and the preservation of the checks and balances between all state powers and institutions created under the umbrella of the current constitution.

Fourth, how do you reconcile the fact that 98% of the current constitution can (and has been ) changed with majority in Congress with your proposal? Is it really that you want to change the "articulos petreos" or is it that you want to obtain full control of the political process to promote your political agenda? I want to hear this in the open, no beating around the bush with evasive answers.

I am not a Constitutional scholar to judge whether it is even legal to implement an "Asamblea Nacional Constituyente" based on our current Constitution. My careful reading and understandign seems to indicate that it is not possible. It is my even strongest belief that we should not pursue this action as we are exposing our country to forces beyond our control and who are promoting political approaches that have failed miserably elsewhere.

I believe we can do better and find our own destiny while exploring and implementing solutions to our real problems of poverty, food insecurity, corruption, inefficiency, exposure to climate change and vulnerability, poor governance and many others...

Hope I can hear from somebody and if I do receive a sensible answer to my questions, I promise I will post your reply without any editing.

Jose Falck Zepeda


  1. We all want to know! And the fact that it has been virtually impossible to get this information is what worries so many people.

  2. Hey, Jose, Good questions. I'm not expecting any serious answers from the LR or the FNRP, but good questions nevertheless. Saludos, L