Sunday, July 18, 2010

Recommended reading

I just finished reading "Itinerario de una caida: Los consejos que no escucho Zelaya" again. I would recommend this book again and again, as this shows the deterioration and eventual collapse of Zelaya's administration and the reasons why his removal from office was justified. Martinez version of the infamous "Zelaya's resignation letter" is quite interesting as it is a very credible hypothesis.

The stories behind the so called "Patricios" and his former Foreign Minister inffluence on Zelaya are important to understand as they serve explaining many of his missteps, but not all. Certainly, Zelaya is a quite formidable political animal, a survivor and predator, who miscalculated his later steps, and who let his ego get the best of he did not listen to anybody...but himself.

By the way, one of the things that has not resonated with people and which is highlighted in this book is the fact that Zelaya himself confessed to being elected using fraud. Another important fact is that he was elected with only 19% of the electoral vote, in fact the report of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal was never released in spite of being mandatory according to Honduran law, and that Zelaya was declared a winner by none other than a Mr. Aristides Mejia, Zelaya's old chump, Head at the time of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and who later became Minister of Security under Zelaya. Later, Zelaya named Mejia,  Counselor Vice President....a joke in itself as our Constitution does not have the figure of a Vice-President, but Zelaya wanted to reward his friend Mejia with the position. So, Zelaya created this monstrosity of a wonder...

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