Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nicaragua's President considers "illegitimate" Honduras government

President Ortega has indicated that the incorporation of Honduras into the regional integration system (SICA in Spanish) is illegitimate as there was no representative from Nicaragua in the presidential meeting that drafted and released the joint declaration indicating that Honduras can rejoin the system. Never mind, that Nicaragua did not attend the meeting precisely to avoid signing the resolution openly. Furthermore, it is not clear whether Honduras was kicked out the system in the first place.

I have written before and will continue expressing my opinion that we need to define our foreign policy responding to our national/domestic policy. These two cannot be independent. Therefore, we need to pursue those foreign relations that will support our national development and policies and discard those that do not. We cannot continue begging for recognition. If a country wants to recognize us as the free and democratic country in the making that we are, so be it. If not, then we stop pursuing those interests and would wait until the time that we are treated as equals.

We will not tolerate those actions by Ortega, Correa, Morales or their ilk who keep on mounting requirements to "allow our return to the international arena". Now, even the FMLN, the old guerrillas turned political party in El Salvador are putting their own requirements for us as a country to comply. That is unacceptable and cannot be allowed anymore. If we let this build up, where anybody can pretty much tell us what to do, we are losing our national sovereignty and are in danger of pretty much giving our country away to those who seek destroying the Republic.

Our foreign policy should be unemotional, calculating, strategic and unwavering in maintaining our national identity as a democratic Republic. If foreign governments such as that of Nicaragua, insists on interfering with our affairs, we need to let them know, politely but firmly , that such interventions are not acceptable and that they are free to withdraw their diplomatic representation until they recognize us a democratic country with a freely elected government.

In fact, if Nicaragua or El Salvador insist on interfering with our affairs, we need to send the proper signals and further actions so that they will not be able to use Puerto Cortes as a shipment port for their products. This embargo would last until we normalize relations. We have an ace here as both countries need Puerto Cortes to ship their exports. Certainly,it will not take long and in all probabilities will not even need to be implemented in the first place. Let's see how long they continue interfering in our affairs.

Lets remember that no period of bad luck lasts forever. Governments come and go, and so we just need to be patient and build upon what we do have, governments who now recognize us as a democratic country and our government.  This is not bravado nor knee jerk reactions. Each intervention has to be thought thoroughly with the proviso that we have to have our country as our main interest. Other countries can look for themselves.

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