Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gods are not completely crazy....

As I developed in an old post in this blog...the so called "Resistencia" is a conglomerate of individuals with quite different interests and political aspirations. We can also partition the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP) into organizations and somewhat loose groups that have their own agendas and interests. If we do this then we can see how fragile the FNRP is at this point in time, in the sense that it can disintegrate quite easily pending on individual and organization actions.

The later is the main reason for naming Mr. Zelaya as the "Coordinator" of the "Resistencia". Mr. Zelaya is just a platform for the Resistencia to build a stronger and cohesive group that may become politically dominant and/or who may become part of the political process through the establishment of a formal political party, pretty much as the FMLN did in El Salvador. Alternatively, the Resistencia may become a strong political pressure group that is able to manipulate political forces and dynamics in the country enough to force what Zelaya and his henchmen could not do...the destruction of democracy and the Republic.

Zelaya is also a platform for the current leaders of the Liberal Party. A platform to stop the hemorrhage that its ranks are suffering now. People disenchanted with the actions of their party, or who do not agree with the Neanderthal policies that the leaders of the Liberal parties continue to enforce to keep themselves in power- or their sons or daughters especially in the Liberal Party- at all costs. The leaders of the Liberal Party are afraid that if the Resistencia abandons their party for good, that they will lose the next elections to the National Party as that reduces the number of votes the Liberal party is capable of mustering in the next elections.

What will Zelaya do? This is another entry into the blog....speculating on his actions will be interesting.

Maybe then the Gods are not that crazy...we just need to find the method to the madness...

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