Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family issues and existencial crisis...

After enduring a bit of family issue that demanded my attention and an existential crisis of sorts...I am back again writing in this blog. Let me explain the later. After the legal removal of Manuel Zelaya, the troubles my country went through, the un-wanted and un-needed intervention in our affairs, and the division and hatred lefts as the inheritance of the Napoleon-to-be, I thought that perhaps we had a chance...a paradigm shifting break in our history that would force the current government to at least give it a try at a free, democratic, independent and self reliant country.

A country whose internal and external policies are in agreement, and whose sole guiding principle is indeed the benefit of Honduras and its citizens. A country who does not bow to anybody and anyone, and who will do what its best for itself. A country whose models are Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, and the USA...definitively not Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua...

I do not want a country who is seeking to please everybody and everyone including those that seek to destroy the Republic as it stands, or one that only wants to kill dissension, debate, differences of opinion, or anything that do not comply with the "Revolution"or the Party's designs.

I did not expect much from the current government, in fact, as I have repeatedly written in this blog, I want this government to succeed in pulling us out of the economic and political crisis, even just enough to get us to the next election, where we may have a better chance to start trying different things, including moving away from the traditional parties and their anachronistic (and often corrupt) governance policies.
I am growing increasingly disappointed, as I do not see the flash of change that would ensure a change. I only see more of the same. Thus my existential crisis...why and for whom am I writing for in this blog. I guess I was forgetting the lessons of history where countries are not made in one day and thus the struggle has to go on...

So, I will continue writing my opinions with the hope that at least one person may stop and find these writings useful or interesting for further discussion.


  1. I'm sorry about your crises but glad to see you back. I certainly understand your disappointment. I think many, many are feeling that. No one expected change overnight, but we aren't seeing many steps in the right direction either.

    Have you had a chance to check out Honduras-Blogs yet? I've sent you a couple of emails.


  2. Very good Jose. Glad you're back at it. I'm disappointed too, and trying to figure what I can do that will be most helpful.