Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finallly...something useful said by Ambassador Llorens

Tiempo newspaper quotes Ambassador Llorens indicating that Honduras has substantially complied with the requisites to go back to the OAS (OEA in Spanish)

Of course Ambassador Llorens is following queue lines from the US Secretay of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton who indicated publicly in the OAS General Assembly meeting in Lima Peru, that it is time for Honduras to return to the OAS.

Well, I guess Mr. Llorens intervention may not be as valuable in the end. Returning to the OAS is something we have to carefully analyze whether is benefits the country or not  and under what conditions. Certainly, we know that this is a forum that is quite ineffective, partially controlled by the ALBA block, but who has some advantages in terms of addressing issues of legitimacy and exposure to international opinion and jurisprudence.

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