Monday, September 21, 2009

A bit about myself

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a romantic / realist. I believe that things can be fixed in my country (my romantic side) but realize that are many limitations to what can be done (my realist side).

I believe that the problems we face are our own creation. I don't believe that anybody else is responsible of the mess we have created in our beloved Honduras. No more whining nor blaming the "gringos of this world" for our lack of growth, development or the severe poverty problems we have. I gravitate to the crowd that thinks we should take advantage of the "gringos of this world" and use as much possible, the good things they have created or have. I certainly do not agree with the crowd that thinks the reason we are not the country we should be is because the "gringos" have exploited us.

Well, the later does not mean that countries have not used force (military or economic) to control the destinies of other countries. From colonialism to post-modern imperialism, countries have tried, and in most case miserably failed to create nations, mostly due to their own dreams of central planning, ignorance about the conquered countries and sheer incompetence. What I meant in my previous paragraph is that we have allowed others to steal our national soul -probably not even started to define one- and plundered our sense of nation. We have allowed others to dictate us what we should do, rather than us creating our own destiny.

I believe that there are no silver bullets nor magical elixirs to the troubles Honduras has right now. I have grown increasingly skeptical of many of the complex plans and (unrealistic) schemes cooked up by international aid organizations and other think tanks, including my own. I do believe in hard work, accountability, transparency, excellence, and developing our own way to move forward.

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