Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Background on a Crisis: Unacceptable unconditional return (Part 4 of 4)

At this point, an unconditional restoration of Mr. Zelaya to the Presidency is not a practical, feasible or even legal solution to the crisis at hand. Mr. Zelaya has to respond still to the mounting list of constitutional and legal charges for corruption and mismanagement in Honduran courts.

A return of Mr. Zelaya as President of Honduras will be catastrophic, especially, if no conditions are imposed on Mr. Zelaya in order to ensure the general elections in November, end his crusade for a National Constitutional Assembly and thus guarantee our current Constitution, the prohibition for his re-election, and to curtail the likely repression to those persons that lead the legal procedure to depose him.

Furthermore, during the 4 months left until national elections, and the additional 2 months until the new President officially takes over, Mr. Zelaya will face the continued opposition of 123 of the 128 members of Congress and the significant opposition of a large share of the population.

If Mr. Zelaya is allowed to return as President, this will (certainly) empower him to dissolve our constitution, Congress, and will seal our fate as a democratic republic by transforming us into a dictatorial regime faithful only to Venezuela, Cuba and other “like-minded allies”. This will forever suppress the will of the Honduran people who said “no more…not one day more…” to Mr. Zelaya.

This lesson in democratic expression by the legal constitutional powers in Honduras will eventually be understood by all, if supported by our friends and allies. In fact, the only viable alternative at this point is the respect of the “no intervention” principle and thus allow the democratic process to continue in Honduras un-interrupted so that we hold elections in November and have a peaceful transition to a newly elected president in January.

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