Thursday, May 12, 2011

The spin already started - A complot to kill Zelaya

One of the former first ladies, Mrs. Xiomara Zelaya denounced today that a friend told her that Mr. Jose Lamas - a major lumber and forest exploitation empresario in Honduras-  had told her that there is a plan to kill here husband Manuel Zelaya Rosales as soon as he sets foot in Honduras. To see the article in the newspaper el Heraldo press here

This brought many responses all the way from the President to the Attorney General claining that they will investigate the source of these claims, and that they will provide security to guarantee the safety once Zelaya comes to Honduras.

Besides the fact that a Honduran is more likely to be killed by common criminality than most other countries in Latin America, seems to be that if somebody wanted Zelaya dead, they probably would have the resources to do it in Dominican Republic. Why wait until Zelaya's coming back to Honduras?  Political gains or just spin by Zelaya and his accolites to justify maintaining the aura of a sacrifice and martyrdom...

The major damage that these stories cause is that of distracting ourselves from discussing solutions to increase wealth and end poverty in Honduras. I obviously have distracted myself already....


  1. Exactly. Zelaya says jump and everyone jumps. Is this just another excuse not to come or is this paving the way for new demands? Like maybe a bullet proof limousine and driver and bodyguards. It's my understanding that all former presidents get some sort of protection -- which is a heck of a lot more than the rest of get. I resent hearing them say how they are going to put the police and military on this to make sure he is safe. What about the other 8 million of us who are killed at the rate of one every 43 minutes and can't even get the police to answer the phone?

  2. My mom was robbed at gunpoint when pulling her car into her house garage, one of my sister-in-law and my nephew endured a secuestro express, the brother of my sister in law was killed while in an internet cafe, my wife's nephew has been robbed at gunpoint on his way to the UNAH...and this is just the daily happenings of all segments of the population...I completely agree LG...what about the rest of the people...Jose Falck