Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much for ask for a political leader who:

- Will lead us in the route of excellence in all aspects of our national life

- Will not lower its head because we are a proud nation...not to Fidel, Hugo, Obama, Insulza, or Lula/Dilma...
- Will not accept any compromise that will violate our constitution and who will govern under the unwavering command of law and order?
- Will not tolerate any acts of corruption?
- Will finally say no more to anybody and everybody who tries to tells us what to do?
- Puts our national sovereignty ahead of any personal gain?
- Will finally say we will build our future on our more hand me downs, charity or donations...everything will be due to our own effort?

When and how long will we have to wait until we reach this nirvana?

Or is it....that such leader does not exist in Honduras....we have to force this ourselves???


  1. Hi Mr. Falck,

    I usually read your blog but this entry made me want to "post a comment".
    As you are well aware most of the best educated, hardest working, honest, law abiding and God fearing Hondurans have found opportunities outside of our country. Such is your case, working for the IFPRI, and the case of many others who work in fortune 500 companies and even NASA.
    The prerequisite to being elected needs be to want to return home, but who will undertake this challenge? To leave our lives here means to resign to personal safety, stability and even peace of mind.
    We are sadly seeing the obliteration of the country we grew up in and were taught to love.
    If not us, where will this leader rise up from if we are not educating the ones left home?
    Just a few initial thoughts I had... would love to hear back from you.


    Laura Miranda-Flefil

  2. Dear Laura:

    How I agree with you, especially since I have two young daughters and a spouse to think about.

    Moreover, my sister-in-law and nephew have endured a "secuestro-express", then my mother was held at gun point while entering her home and her house robbed clean", then one of my brothers while traveling with his family endured a armed robbery and his car sprayed with bullets, and then almost all the homes in my mom's neighborhood in San Pedro Sula have been robbed at gunpoint a neighborhood who used to be sedate middle class suburbia in SPS...makes one wonder about going back.

    Interesting story of my own coming back. When I finished my Ph.D. back in 1998 or so, I honestly tried to come back. Even got an interview with the "Ministro de la Presidencia" during Carlos Flores, to get a job with a decent pay, was not really asking for much, just the opportunity to serve my country with what I have learned so far. Of course first question made by this person was: Who is recommending you? My answer was obviously just my professional qualifications. End of story and the appointment...

    So, I applied and got a position in the Netherlands, moving then to IFPRI. I have been advising countries and governments in Asia, Africa and Latin America since then.

    I try as much as possible to help Honduras, not only with my writings, but also by supporting some technical and academic work with Zamorano (Escuela Agricola Panamericana) and am trying currently to support the government in establishing some agricultural policy analysis and support program. We'll see what happens.

    Wish I could do more.