Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who are our "friends"?...U.S. Democrats condemning Honduras

Obviously in international politics there are no true friends as we know them in our personal life. Certainly there are occasional friends, friends of convenience, long term alliances, enemies who do not last forever, and many more variations of the same story. International politics are not and should not be emotional at all, in fact being cynical about it, is one of the many wise attributes a country must have in order to succeed. Everything starts from a transparent, well thought and unwavering foreign affairs policy based on an unmovable set of national principles. We stand for what we stand. These of course include freedom, liberty, mutual respect, democracy and national sovereignty.

When .we read about the recent letter drafted by Congressperson Farr (see picture), sent by 30 Democrat Congresspersons to Ms. Hillary Clinton, requesting that all U.S. help be suspended to Honduras due to multiple human rights violations, one has to wonder who are our "friends"? Certainly this letter cannot be construed as national policy, just a reminder of whom can we deal with and whom we can trust, as much as one can trust any foreign country. Like I wrote this has nothing to do with emotions and the many things we should be grateful to the American and other countries' people.

In fact, if the US does not push for Honduras re-admission to the OAS and withdraws all foreign help to us, it will actually be in the end a good thing, because it will make us as a country realize that we should pursue our destiny ALONE, we should build it OURSELVES, NOT DEPEND on ANYBODY for  help. We have become a country of beggars, where if Mommas USAID, GTZ or COOPERACION ESPANOLA, does not come to our aid, we cannot function. This has to stop. It will take a lot of effort, sacrifice, and tears, but it can be done, if President Lobo and the ruling political and economic class set their efforts on the right direction...that is the one of true independence...from all types of alliances, especially those of the ALBA and the OAS people and anybody who continues to try and impose their will on us....

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  1. Great minds think alike... ;-) I wrote about this, too. I added a link to your article.

    30 US Congressmen want to stop aid to Honduras