Thursday, April 15, 2010

Los Hijos del Infortunio - La Historia de un Pais al Reves

I am almost done reading this book by Cesar Indiano. I really like this book as it's author is quite irreverent and does not mince words while deconstructing several myths in our history. Interestingly enough, Cesar Indiano, is a dramatist, who developed a knack for reading, learning and studying our history. Granted, in some parts, the book is a bit repetitive, and his use of long lists of names and options can get a bit winded at times, but it is very informative.

 I would also recommend reading a letter Cesar Indiano has circulated during the crisis.

Jose Falck Zepeda (in the end another "Hijo del Infortunio" from Honduras, much less so, than most in my country)

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