Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Journalist killings have to stop

Yesterday, one more journalist, Mr. Georgino Orellana ( was brutally murdered in San Pedro Sula.

The deceased journalist Orellana is the sixth recorded journalist killed in Honduras since the start of the new government. Other victims include José Bayardo Mairena Ramírez y Manuel de Jesús Juárez (Channel 4 and Radio Excélsior de Juticalpa) killed March 26; Nahúm Palacios Arteaga (Journalist) killed March 14; David Meza (Radio reporter) killed March 11 and Joseph Hernández Ochoa (TV announcer) Killed March 1.

 I do not know if these murders are the result from the systemic violence produced by common criminals, organized crime including drug trafficking,  or whether they have any political background. In any case, these murders have to be truly investigated and the responsible parties brought to justice. Because this is not only a crime against fellow humans, but also against the freedom of expression and freedom of the express. These acts are clearly unacceptable and have to be condemned as powerfully as possible.


  1. Totally agree, Jose.

    Like you, I have no idea as to the provenance of these heinous crimes, but with seven journalists killed (make that assasinated) this year, it's clear that this isn't just common crime. Someone is methodically targetting the media, and it's got to stop, as you say.

    While I can't say that the Lobo Sosa goverment is behind the killings, it's incumbent on the Lobo to take strong and decisive action to bring the killers to justice and find out who the intellectual authors are of these killings.

    You'll probably disagree with this, but I think the best way to motivate Lobo to do something is to have all countries hold off on recognition of his government until the killings stop. I shouldn't be surprised that someone within the economic and/or political elite knows who's doing the killings and they need to out the murderers...

  2. Hi Tambopaxi, sorry I missed your comment. Too much travel too little time!!. I am getting a bit frustrated with the lack of energetic reactions on the Lobo administration. All the way from giving away too easily the amnesty, to the lack of prosecution of the white collar (red and black collar?) bandits from the Zelaya administration to the apparent need to lower the head to other countries as a sign of misplaced "reconciliation". If, the Lobo administration does not show a strong response soon not only to the journalist killings, but to the generalized security issue in Honduras, the country will in trouble. I do not know if withholding recognition will backfire or not anyhow...Yeah I don't like that answer, but it may come down to that international policy response...