Friday, February 5, 2010

Are we losing the the opportunity of building a new Honduras?

Columnist Juan Ramon Martinez writes in La Tribuna an article that is quite close to what I cannot escape thinking (  to view article ?El fin del Pais Posible? click here). Juan Ramon Martinez argues that by cowing to the "international community" pressures we are in essence letting go of the possibility of building our own country. By huddling together and figuring out that we are on our own, we would come up with our own solutions and build on the necessary perseverance to build a new country. Perhaps I have been reading too much about Singapore and how they made this nation building step when they became independent in 1965!!!

I can certainly understand the enormous pressures and the economic dire straits that President Porfirio Lobo is facing. That perhaps was the biggest difference with say Singapore, where they did not have much, but did not owe much as we do now. Certainly I cannot avoid feeling that we are letting go of the moral high ground we have accumulated, in spite of the negativity and condemnation displayed by some of the older Zelayistas and/or some of the members of the Resistencia.

Now I get ready for the 22-28 inches of snow that the northeastern is bringing upon the city of Washington, DC.

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