Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Impunity must be erradicated from our country Honduras

The first step is to disallowe the current amnesty decree being discussed in the Honduras because it is too broad and will likely provide a cover for common crimes allegedly committed by Mr. Zelaya and his Cabinet. As written in the editorial of Diario La Prensa (click here to see article) in my free translation "Hondurans are waiting for impunity not to persist in the country as the struggle for more transparency and accountability would not have made any sense if decrees are approved that instead of strengthening democracy, weaken it".

Mr. Gaspar Vallecillo in a much stronger and to the point article in Diario El Heraldo (click here to see article) has the firm opinion is that we should not lower our heads in submission to international pressure trying to force us to make Micheletti resign from his post before his Constitutional time or grant an amnesty to anybody. Mr. Gaspar Vallecillo concludes his article by making the following statement: "if we live in rights based state or nation, lets respect it, so that we are respected by everybody else."

I cannot but agree with La Prensa and Mr. Vallecillo on these positions. Respecting the rule of the law starts somewhere. We have a great start with the Constitutional removal of a person who tried to destroy the Republic, now let's follow up this example by continuing enforcing the law. When this principle has been firmly established, then we talk about reunification and country building plans....

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