Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Congress say no to the amnesty and the ALBA least for now

Honduras Congress has declined discussing further any amnesty for the actors involved with the events leading to and during June 28 (La Prensa (click here for article). Congress has ratified the decree that will formally request the withdrawal of Honduras from the ALBA treaty (La Prensa - Click here for article) . The decree was approved by overwhelming majority, just the usual five suspects from the UD party and one person from the PINU party voted against this decree.

I have been opposed to the ALBA treaty since Honduras started thinking about joining the treaty. I am still opposed to this treaty because of the way it was passed through Congress - little discussion about benefits and costs from the treaty- and because it put us in a position where we had to surrender our independent opinion and positions with regard to international issues. In essence ALBA is not solely a trade or cooperation agreement, rather includes a political component which seems to impose quite a cost to the country without much benefits.

Well, if we think about this issue a bit, we were financing short term expenditures (on fuel) with long term debt...that is not a wise fiancial or economic decision. If we add the 100 tractors, who by the way are crappy tractors, believe me I'm an agronomist, which basically came with barely any implements that would make them usable, then we in the end did not get what we bargained for... But this is a topic for longer post...

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