Sunday, October 4, 2009

Of our national identity

We Hondurans, have not taken the journey to define our national soul. Unfortunately, we did not endure a long, hard, and bloody fight for our independence. We celebrate every year, receiving the "pliegos de la indepencia" the note that told us pretty much that we were on our own from that point on, and thus not a colony of Spain anymore. This is what I call becoming independent by proxy.

Sure, we had our share of internal and frequent civil wars, but nothing that would be the propellant that would ignite big dreamers to unite and decide that the greatest treasure on earth are independent minds joining together designing the project that would become our nation. This collective brain pregnant with knowledge, information and wisdom is embryonic and has not been used much to date.

Well, there is no sense in crying over spilled milk, so the challenge right now is to forget our own ambitions, our families and political parties, and start dreaming about the greater good and the country we want to become. It is possible my friends and country-fellows to do so. Travelling through Changi Airport in Singapore or through Hong Kong, it never ceases to amaze me, that 50 years ago these countries were pretty much what Honduras is now, or even worse.

Now that we have seen the limits of what ambition and misguided pursuit of undemocratic and authorative ways can do as seen with the current crisis, lets start with this journey and come up with a project of a nation and really build the foundation of our national step at a time.

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