Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dumb questions that puzzle me a lot...

If Chavez served as a witness and organizer to the Cartagena de Indias agreement, why then at the OAS election did his country submitted a "reserved" vote?

If Cuba has survived outside the OAS for 40+ years, Taiwan outside the UN, and Israel as a semi-pariah state, why does ,my country Honduras  need so much to be a member of the OAS? What are we gaining and losing from this Faustian bargain?

Since Manuel Zelaya returned to the country, where are the rivers of milk and honey and prosperity that many of his supporters were expecting after his return?

Where are the black suitcases with the money taken from the Central Bank of Honduras?


  1. stupid questions? you say we dont need OEA? wtf are you thinking? what planet areyou from?

  2. Better yet, please read one of my older blog entries here
    and then debate the facts and evidence I present there and then come back and present your arguments.

  3. If I am from another planet, then please explain to me how Cuba has managed to survive without the OAS for more than 40 years? If you send me a response via this comment facility, I will publish it in the main page in my blog. If not, you lost a great opportunity to educated us aliens of this world, who know that a country can and have survived without external aid and the recognition of the so called international community...which is just a temporary thing anyhow in itself...

  4. In Honduras everybody governs, but Hondurans. It seems to me that the Honduran government can do nothing without asking for permission from the international community. They own us. That’s our sad reality. Presidents from different countries were interested in “helping” Honduras get back into the OAS, but not because they care about us. Strategies, strategies, strategies.