Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jorge Arturo Reina Idiaquez Ambassador to UNASUR

Who else will get a reward for a long history of "supporting" the country and their efforts to establish a free and democratic Republic? Perhaps Rafael Alegria to replace Cesar Ham at INA...hey Rosenthal Oliva asked for Ham's head as this guy touched his interests....Milton Jimenez Puerto to become Honduran Ambassador to the U.S. ...Patricia Rodas Baca for Ambassador to the United Nations...Juan Barahona for Minister of the Interior....

Caption: Jorge Arturo Reina Idiaquez disserting on the "military coup" in Honduras while requesting strong sanctions against the country to restore "constitutional order".

 It comes to this point where one has to understand that reconciliation does not mean compromising the strategic interests of the country nor its soul. A column by Mr. Benjamin Santos has a slightly different opinion with regard to this issue in La Tribuna

We cannot continue sending conflicting messages about the transition process to the new constitutional government.  I will not get tired repeating that our foreign policy has to be build upon a strong national policy that is strategic, logic and forward looking, but one who is aligned with the ideals of a democratic and free society withing the Republic. If one's actions contradict this principle...then its time to re-evaluate one's two of my favorite newspaper columnist Juan Ramon Martinez and Dona Gloria Leticia Pineda de Lazarus would say "those who want to hear...hear"

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