Friday, May 28, 2010

Some critical opinions on President Lobo strategy

"Inaudito e imprudente", el maniobrar político del presidente Lobo Sosa

Cohep pide a Lobo Sosa dedicarse a gobernar

Let me be clear. I, nor anybody, cannot deny the right of Mr. Zelaya of  returning to Honduras, but he has to face the legal system and all the formal criminal charges against him. Nobody is above the law, nobody.

In a very measured declaration former President Ricardo Maduro Joest, has indicated that President Lobo may be already fed-up with the show put on by Zelaya and the ruthless pressures from the Chavez satellites (i.e. Correa, Ortega Morales and of course Zelaya who is a formal employee of Chavez) in explaining the current Lobo strategy. However, Maduro made the point that this is a country of laws and nobody is above the law. Hope he is right.

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