Friday, April 30, 2010

Why don't you shut up Hugo?

I'm not talking about Hugo Chavez, who by the way also needs to shut up, I am talking about the current US Ambassador Mr. Hugo Llorens who needs to re-learn his diplomatic etiquette in criticizing a country in which he is an Ambassador. Mr. Hugo, unfortunately keeps on sticking his nose publicly in our business where he is not wanted. In a meeting of Mayors and some Congresspersons, Mr. Hugo Llorens, started a tirade of how the constitutional rupture in Honduras represented a going backwards type event. No Mr. Llorens, we use our constitution to get rid of a Hugo Chavez wannabe, a tyrant in the making, who keeps messing with Honduras. See the full report of Mr. Llorens "dissertation" in an article of Diario Tiempo HERE

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