Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nueva publicacion / New publication Human Rights Foundation on the Honduras crisis

A new report by the Human Rights Foundation was released yesterday titled "The Facts and the Law - Behind the Democratic Crisis of Honduras 2009 (To see article click here). This same organization has asked for the resignation of Mr.Insulza as Secretary General of the OAS due to the inept, biased and incompetent management of the Honduras crisis, amongst other things. See their statement to the later effect here Contrast this report with the original Library of Congress Report of August 2009 (To see report click here).

Un nuevo reporte del Human Rights Foundation fue publicada ayer con el titulo ""The Facts and the Law - Behind the Democratic Crisis of Honduras 2009  (para ver el reporte hacer un click aqui). Esta misma organizacion pidio al renuncia del Sr. Insulza como Secretario General de la OEA debido al manejo inepto, parcializado e incompetente de la crisis en Honduras, entre otras cosas. Para ver el informe de prensa Contrasten este reporte con el publicado por la Biblioteca del Congreso de los Estados Unidos en Agosto del 2009  (Para ver el reporte hacer un click aqui).


  1. Didn't the former President of HRF -- former Cuban prisoner of conscience Armando Valladares -- resign HRF in protest because HRF originally voted to condemn Honduras for ousting Zelaya?

    Is Valladares back now? My memory is a bit foggy on it, but anyway it's good to hear HRF is recognizing the incompetence of Insulza -- he did a lot of damage.


  2. Thanks Ricardo, will find out about what you are noting in your comment. In a way my original intention was to point out that there will be different interpretations about what happened, at one point in time we will need to put these versiosn together into a coherent analysis to learn about what happened. Certainly the point that Insulza made a complete mess, probably due to his bias is quite true.