Friday, January 8, 2010

Interim President Micheletti must not resign before January 27

If Interim President Micheletti resigns from office due to international pressure before January 27, he will be accepting that all the events surrounding the removal of Mr. Manuel Zelaya were indeed wrong and thus Zelaya's removal would have been unjustified. The exception is, of course, Zelaya's exile to Costa Rica, which was an illegal act and which the Attorney General is currently initiating the process to determine who is directly responsible and who will be charged for such act.

Micheletti's resignation before his appointed time would indeed contradict the opinions given by the Honduran Supreme Court, Honduran Congress, Attorney General of Honduras, who unequivocally indicated that Zelaya's removal was justified and legal. So, Mr. President Micheletti, hang in there and wait until January 27 to hand the Presidential band to the Head of Honduras Congress, Mr. Saavedra, who then in turn will hand it in to the our democratically elected new President, Mr. Porfirio Lobo Sosa as prescribed by our laws.

So, Mr. Insulza, Mr. Kelly, Mr Chavez, Mr. Castro, Mr. Ortega, Mr. Correa, Mr. Morales, and anybody else who is pushing for President Micheletti's resignation, from the the bottom of our lungs we scream "Stay away from our business, we have decided to move on. No more interventions in our affairs." I am being very polite as I have not written what you could do with your opinions....

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